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How to create a good property ad?

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How to create a good property ad

Writing a property ad, when you want to sell your house or flat is not an easy task.  The goal is to present your property in a clear and precise way whilst still putting forward the property’s key strengths. You should include these elements in the ad:

  • Type of property (House, flat)
  • Type of transaction (Sale, Lifetime sale)
  • The floor space in m2 (Carrez Law)
  • Number of rooms
  • Location of the property and in which direction it faces
  • The sale price 
  • Energy performance diagnostic
  • Any other information which can differentiate your property from others
  • Proximity to local shops, schools, transport, centre of town, beach, stations
  • Contact details

It is important that you enter relevant information regarding your house of flat and each room. If you have recently renovated parts of your property you should highlight it as it brings an important added value. Finally, try to not talk about negative aspects in the ad but remain factual and transparent, potential buyers will realise any misleading information when visiting.  

What title should I choose for my ad?

The buyer will start imagining your property from the moment the title is read. Therefore it is essential that your choice of title for your property allows the buyer to imagine living in your house or flat (“Beautiful family house”…”perfect student studio flat”). 
Even though you need to put forward your property and its key elements and advantages in the ad, avoid doing too much. Accumulating too many superlatives will create doubt in the mind of the buyers whilst if you a neutral and professional, they will be more likely to contact you.

How to have a better ad with photos

Photos are as important as the title. They are the first look at your property for buyers and are often the reason a buyer will click on your ad to find out more.

Wait for a nice sunny day to take photos of the exterior but be careful to take into account backlight that might darken rooms. Put away all personal items and make sure your animal companions are out of the room. Anything that is too personal will make it more difficult for the buyer to imagine your home as being theirs. Take well-cropped photos, put forward high quality photos and try to take horizontal ones. The more photos available, the less the buyer thinks there will be hidden defects or problems and the easier it is for the buyer to imagine living in your house or flat. So don’t hesitate! Just as with written part try to be clear, precise and transparent. 
If you are unsure you can always ask a professional photographer to help you with this important task. Established real estate agencies such as Carmen Immobilier do so systematically. You increase your likelihood to have visits and the sale of a house is a serious project so ought to put the odds in your favour. Finally, take care of the order in which the photos will appear, they should be structured in such a way that the buyer imagines visiting your property with them. 

How to post your property ad on the Internet?

The Internet offers multiple opportunities for private sellers to sell their house or flat. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions before taking a commitment. Sometimes, websites’ free options offer limited ads (limited number of photos, limited number of words or characters) or resell your profile to real estate agencies. 
Real estate agencies can offer you to post for free your property ad on their websites. Figure out which website will better showcase your property and be the most relevant one. Users on Leboncoin are not the same as the ones who visit directly real estate agencies’ websites. 

What to do if my property ad produces no results?

The price is often the first element that discourages buyers. A real estate property on sale at a fair price is generally sold in less than 3 months. Was the price chosen the correct one? Is it too expensive or too cheap? Do not hesitate to contact a real estate expert to help you with the correct valuation of your property; the agent has in-depth knowledge of the local market. 
Make sure your property ad is visible on all websites and that it is not in the last search pages. In order to move your ad up in a website’s search pages, you will most likely have to pay more to gain in visibility. 
Finally, after a few months if your property has not received enquiries, visits or very little of them, you could think about contacting a real estate expert. The agent can help you compile a more comprehensive file and better promote your house or flat so as to successfully sell as quickly as possible.  Nearly 3 out of 4 French decide to use the services of a real estate agent when buying a property rather than contacting directly the owner. 

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