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The Anglet real estate market is dynamic with a large volume of transactions. Second homes account for about 20% of all dwellings and are mainly located near beaches.

The population of Anglet is more than 40,000 inhabitants, covering an area of ​​nearly 27 km². It is the second most populous city in the Basque Country after Bayonne.

One of the peculiarities of the real estate sector of Anglet is to be divided into two zones, the town of Anglet being one of the biggest of France. The area between the Lighthouse Golf and Chiberta is made up of a majority of second homes. In this area, and more generally near the sea, real estate prices are similar to those in Biarritz with prices per m² that can exceed € 10,000.

A second area, more extensive, is composed of apartments and houses whose more affordable prices are similar to those applied in the area of ​​Bayonne. Many new programs have been built in recent years near the Boulevard du BAB, bringing many young workers and families. The arrival of the trambus in 2018 should have an impact on the real estate market.

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Located on the seafront, the seaside town of Anglet has 4.5 kilometers of coastline. Anglet is bounded on the north by the mouth of the Adour, on the west by Biarritz and the ocean, on the south by Bassussarry and on the east by Bayonne. No less than 11 beaches stretch along the Angloy coastline.

The city of Anglet has a particular urban structure. Very extensive, it has no real downtown and is divided into several districts. The real estate market is quite dynamic with prices per m² that increase distinctly the closer you get to the seaside. The city has nevertheless not undergone massive urbanization, its seafront remains preserved.

Connected by the A63 motorway and crossed by major highways, the city of Anglet easily reaches the surrounding cities. Biarritz Basque Country Airport (which despite its name is located in Anglet) connects Paris and other French cities or abroad every day.

The city of Anglet has 19 schools: 8 public kindergartens, 6 public elementary schools, 4 private primary schools and 1 public primary school. There are also two colleges and two high schools including a technological, a construction institute, an art school.

Anglet has 2 popular markets: the market of Quintaou every Thursday and Sunday mornings and the 5 cantons Halles newly renovated which open every morning from Tuesday to Sunday and Friday afternoons from 16h to 20h.

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