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The Capbreton real estate market: a very popular market

The Capbreton real estate market is a highly sought-after market that benefits from the attractiveness of the Basque coast. Capbreton is also sometimes considered as a market of postponement compared to its Basque neighbors but also compared to other cities of the Landes such as Hossegor where the prices are higher.

The commune of Capbreton counts nearly 9000 inhabitants in the year and approximately 50 000 during the summer. In fact, principal residences account for only 62% of dwellings. But lately there are advantages of requests from buyers for the main residence.

Capbreton knows a strong demand for its individual houses, these are sold very quickly and at prices between 350 000 € and 700 000 €. The apartments, even if they sell a little less quickly than the villas of the Landes, are sold in less than a month on average and average prices between 3200 € / m² and 6000 € / m².

Faced with a growing demand from buyers, several new program projects are underway with the priority of integrating into the environment.

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