When is the best period to let your property

The date you choose to rent out your property is important because the demand varies seasonally. It will also depend on the type of property that you are offering but also its geographical location and the type of rental you which to implement.

When should you rent out your flat?



Studio flats and 2 room flats:

When letting a small flat, in most cases your tenants will be students or bachelors starting their professional careers. Take the most of the start of the universities’ academic year to offer your studio flat for rental purposes. Offer your property at the start of the summer and at the latest at the beginning of September. 
Students will hesitate to pay rent for the summer months where they risk not living in it. Thus your apartment will be aimed at young professionals. 
Please note that 2 room flats are apartments with which you will find tenants relatively quickly at any period during the year and so do studio flats especially in urban area.


Apartments with more than 2 rooms:

Bigger flats attract young couple or people flat sharing: students or young professionals. The latter often decide to share a flat at the end of the academic year but please note that numerous schools and universities require long internships (6 months) from January or July onwards.
Offering your apartment in May or at the end of the year is smart way to minimise vacancies in your property. 


When should you offer your house for rent?

People looking for a house to rent are often families with children. In order to face the different registrations needed for their children, they like to plan their move well in advance. It is wise to start offering your property in May.
Only doing so in July or end of December is clearly too late. Those months are holiday periods and few people are looking for a house place to rent. You ought to prefer the months before when offering a house rental.


Why is it important to choose the best possible time to offer your property’s rental?

You will find tenants quickly and your investment will promptly be profitable. You will have the opportunity to choose amongst the potential tenants the ideal individual corresponding to your criteria. The time spent looking for tenant, doing the visits and the broadcasting of your ad will be reduced. 
Thus you will save on your broadcasting fees on different mediums.