A seller's rights and obligations

When selling your house, the owner faces certain obligations 

What are the seller’s obligations? What are the seller’s rights?

When embarking on the sale of your property, you will be faced with a number of requirements

  • Duty to inform the buyer,
  • Obligation to deliver with conformity to the contracts,
  • Guarantee obligation.

All these requirements will be major parts of the sale contracts. They are written done so as to first protect the buyer but also allow the seller by providing means to protect the seller from hiccups.   

Owner’s rights and obligations: 

  • Owner’s obligations
  • Mandatory diagnostic tests
  • Legal time limits
  • Provisional agreements, promise to sell
  • Bill of Sale
  • Retract from a sale 

What hides behind a sale offer? What are you committing to when signing a provisional sale agreement?

Terms used in real estate transaction are not always easy to understand to differentiate: private agreement, offer to buy, offer to sell, agreement to sell commitment, provisional sale agreement…
What are the legal time frames between the provisional agreement the actual deed of sale? A clear and simple explanation of these terms will help you start your sale project with peace of mind.

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