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Sell your property

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Selling your property: a project with steps


Selling your house or apartment is a difficult task. The special memories created in the residence by the owner are often not taken into consideration by a property buyer who will have a less sentimental approach. The first step therefore consists of having a correct valuation of your house or apartment. 

How much is worth your house or apartment? 


Tons of questions need to be answered before selling a house or an apartment. 
With our expertise in the real estate market of the Basque country and the southern western parts of France, we hope to help you develop your project thanks to well-documented articles on important related topics. When you are ready to take the step, you can ask for a free property valuation or a meeting with one of our local real estate experts.
Our deep knowledge of the local property market is an advantage for your selling venture. 

Successfully sell: 

  • Steps of the sale
  • Sell your house
  • Sell your apartment : the particularities of the sale in a common hold scheme
  • Property Valuation
  • How to build a good property ad
  • Sale agency agreements
  • How to sell quickly?
  • The services offered by a real estate agency
  • The Sale in the case of a tenancy in common
  • Selling with tenants

Financial elements:

  • Price criteria
  • Online valuation
  • Taxation on added value
  • Sell to buy
  • Passing on property heritage
  • Costs and professional fees

Owner’s rights and obligations: 

  • Owner’s obligations 
  • Mandatory diagnostic tests
  • Legal time limits
  • Provisional agreements, promise to sell
  • Bill of Sale
  • Retract from a sale

Our services for landlords:

  • Sole/Exclusive selling rights agreements
  • Ask for your free valuation
  • Rental management
  • Our guides

How to sell quickly?


To sell your property quickly, you must prepare the sale of your real estate asset well. First, make sure your property’s value is maximized as to increase the number of bids, then, you ought to gain market insight and choose a fair price which will mirror the value of your property. You will also need to compile the mandatory reports and the certificates asked by a buyer. Finally, information on taxation regarding real estate added value will help you. You will find in the link below many valuable advices and information for the steps to take in order to sell.

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