Specificities of a flat valuation

To valuate your flat's price, the fundamentals are the same as with any other property sale. You can find out more about them by reading our article "Property valuation".

Complementary information specific to a flat sale is presented in the following article. These elements should not be forgotten when estimating the price of your apartment.

The position of the flat in the building:

Apartments in the same building are not necessarily priced the same even if they are identical.

  • The floor: One can hear that a flat’s value increases with the floor level especially if the flat has a balcony or a terrace.
  • The flat’s orientation is complementary to the view. An apartment which has windows on opposite sides will have an added value even more so if it is orientated east-west.
  • The Side: the side an apartment faces is important; the value of a flat will vary depending on whether the flat is street side or garden side.



  • The distance to the building’s indoor facilities (lift, entrance hall or dustbin room).
  • Noise pollution at night: apartments located just above restaurants or a bar will be discounted.
  • The noise and excessive vehicle movements are also elements that impact negatively the price.


Commonhold fees

When you are an owner in a commonhold, it is recommended that maintenance work should be done regularly because the state of the building will impact the Sale price estimation.

  • Functioning fees: are they coherent with the Sale price?
  • Exceptional fees: they consist of the cost of keeping the building up to date with norms and regulations for example a roofing project.


Commonhold rules

The rules in your commonhold can add extra constraints that can affect positively or negatively your property’s value.