Succeed your seasonal lease

A successful seasonal lease is only achieved with serious thinking about the lease’s organization beforehand. 

What should you know before your property is up for seasonal rentals?

Before offering your property up for rental, a few points have to be settled. How do you estimate and valuate the rent of a holiday property? How are you going to market your property? How are going to receive your clients? Are you thinking about using a real estate agency’s services? These are a few of the questions you need to answer before going ahead with your project.

A successful seasonal lease: our tips (Pages to be translated soon)

  • Yearly management vs Seasonal management
  • Estimate your rent
  • Marketing your property
  • Receiving your clients
  • Leasing without an intermediary
  • A real estate’s services
  • Management agreements
  • How to let a holiday property
  • Holiday rental ranking


Do you know that you can ask for your furnished property to be ranked?

This ranking of furnished properties suitable for short term lets will be an important advantage for the rentals but also gives you the opportunity to gain tax benefits.

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